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Guitar is one instrument that everyone loves listening to as well as love playing. One can always take classes to learn guitar. But when talking about guitar lessons Los Angeles then, Online Guitar Lessons are considered to be the best option. Anybody will choose personal lessons over the studio lessons.


While you learn on how to play guitar, one should know the position for playing as well as holding the guitar. Always try to hold guitar in a position that is comfortable to you. Find the most favorable position that suits you. If your muscles are stiff or discomfited they might not function at their highest ability. On the other hand, if you have a comfortable and relaxing position with your guitar and its parts, nothing can cause strain to your muscles. Each and every playing style of guitar has its own set of guidelines in respect to the playing position of the guitarist’s.

What positions do guitarists prefer?


Most of the classical guitarists raise their left leg with a footstool which allows the upper leg to secure the guitar in a better way. There are a few classical musicians that try to keep both of their feet on the floor, with the help of a specially designed cushion that secures the guitar and raises it to the best possible playing height.

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